Junior Achievement Nova Scotia : Why we got involved.


When Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia was approached by Torusoft to partner and launch the Digital Bridge Scholarship, we knew that this program was going to add great value to our students. Junior Achievement’s core purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy and today’s global economy is enabled by information and communications technology ICT). 

The mentorship and learning tools available through the Digital Bridge Scholarship program will not only encourage our students to learn new things, but it will broaden their understanding of the digital world and the possibilities within it. We are particularly excited that students will be able to explore courses in ICT in conjunction with their experience in Company Program with the support and guidance of business and ICT mentors. Company Program is an 18 week adventure in entrepreneurship and the added learning involving ICT will expand thinking, and mobilize creativity around product concepts, communication strategies and service delivery. Students will learn computer programming, ranging from mobile app development, to responsive design, data analytics, database and server administration. Students can also choose from a variety of programming languages and frameworks, which means that they will be thinking critically and creatively about ICT and its applications!

Kristin Williams

CEO, Junior Achievement Nova Scotia