Interview Rocket funded a seat for the Nova Scotia Digital Bridge Scholarship.

Thanks to their generosity, 1 Nova Scotian student will receive 6 months of free access to Code School, with the support of a dedicated mentor to help them learn.

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About Interview Rocket

Interview Rocket is a revolutionary online service that allows recruiters to pre-screen job candidates independent of busy schedules, time zones or geographies. 

The recruiter creates and sends interview questions to job candidates, and then awaits a response. Candidates respond to questions using video via their own computer and webcam. The results are recorded and uploaded to the recruiter's profile for review when scheduling permits. The system allows recruiters to evaluate candidate softer skills earlier in the recruitment process. 

Interview Rocket is perfect for busy recruiters at companies who do volume recruitment, who hire across borders, or simply would rather spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on evaluating candidates and putting them forward for positions.