We all recognize that spark of curiosity.
It's why we choose to teach.

Nominate a student

Education is key to unlocking students' potential!

Students and achievers will be nominated for the Digital Bridge Scholarship by a teacher or Company Program volunteer advisor. These individuals may also wish to commit to being a mentor for the 6-month scholarship term, or recommend a mentor for the program.

Mentors will share expertise, and play a pivotal role in enhancing students' success. A mentor is there to shine light on new ideas and ways of thinking and to augment the learning experience.

Whom should I nominate?

  • Tinkerers
  • Builders
  • Creatives
  • The inquisitive
  • Gamers
  • Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Problem Solvers

What can I expect as a mentor?

It's simple!

As a mentor, you will advance the education and future achievements of youth in your school and community.

For as little as an hour a week, you can help a youth realize their potential. You’ll meet regularly with students as they explore the course offerings and help them find the topics that interest them, assist in background research, and help focus them by posing questions or suggesting challenges.

As a mentor, you will:

  • Open young minds to their limitless potential
  • Provide real-life learning experience
  • Help develop a skilled and talented workforce
  • Motivate a generation of responsible citizens
  • Secure our future economic prosperity

It is easy to get involved and make a big difference. Show students what it takes to accomplish their goals!

I want to nominate a student for the Digital Bridge Scholarship!

Thank you for believing in our youth! Please give us some information to get started.
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