Why should I donate?

  • It introduces young people to our IT industry.

    Digital Bridge Scholars know which individuals or companies donated the funds that made their learning possible. Each donation introduces youth to the stewards of our industry, while shining the best possible light on a career in ICT.

  • “Digital divide?” What’s that?

    Scholarships are awarded based on interest, not privilege. Digital Bridge Scholars receive free access to online learning materials, and the support they need to succeed - regardless of personal circumstances.

  • You’ll be creating pockets of knowledge across Nova Scotia

    The Nova Scotia curriculum is being reviewed, and computer programming will likely be revamped. With a few dozen Digital Bridge Scholarship alumni scattered across the system, teachers will have a much easier time delivering this new curriculum.

  • It’s scalable!

    The Digital Bridge Scholarship is available to students in every high school across the province. Our funding model allows us to grow from a handful of seats, to hundreds, with very little additional overhead. Help us reach as many students as possible!

  • It’s incredible value for such a small price.

    A $150 donation gives a student 6 months of access to a huge library of high quality online learning, and pairs them with a mentor to ensure they receive support as they learn.

  • We need more collaboration like this.

    The Digital Bridge Scholarship is a collaboration between public school teachers, school board administrators, volunteers, charitable organizations and industry advocates. It creates opportunities for dialogue, and helps formalize the collaborative process between industry and government.

How are the funds used?

Here's the scholarship funding model, broken down per-seat. NSDBS funds allocation chart $150 per-seat
  • 70%

    goes toward tuition fees to cover 6 months of online learning.

  • 20%

    goes toward administrative costs to deliver the program across the province.

  • 10%

    goes toward infrastructure costs.

Each donation is 100% tax-deductible, and can be made out to Junior Achievement Nova Scotia (Charitable number: 10755 4271 RR0001).